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Like the rest of the team behind WoodHouse Productions Thomas, or Thompa, as he is called, has a passion for music. For many years he was a DJ, and during that time he built a wide network of contacts in the music industry.

Thompa and Henric, unknowingly, have been walking side by side over the years and encountered each other occasionally at common workplaces and at different events. 2011 Henric and Thompa became neighbors, which was the beginning of their friendship that would mean a lot to them both.

In 2012, Thompa was involved in a severe accident that resulted in a long and tough rehab time.

Henric wanted to give Thompa something else to think about and gave him a mission: - Make my dream come true, book a meeting with Anders Bagge!

Thompa took on the challenge, and with his distinctive entrepreneurial spirit and his phenomenal sense of relationship-building communication he succeeded in fulfilling Henric's dream. The meeting with Anders Bagge was the starting point for WoodHouse Productions.

Today Thompa is the CEO, Manager and face for WoodHouse Production. With his creative spirit and his innovative thinking, he constantly contributes to new contacts, exciting meetings and a world of opportunities.

He is also the driving force behind the scenes and much of what today is a reality for WoodHouse Productions, has its roots in his drive, dedication and ideas.

Henric Pierroff – Producer and songwriter


Since childhood, this guy has had a dream that one day becoming one amongst the world's hitmakers. With the piano as the main faithful companion, an abundant amount of musical productions have been created with immense passion, empathy and enthusiasm.

Henric, together with Thomas Sassersson, is the owner of WoodHouse Productions and has conducted a number of collaborations in the last four years including artists such as Oscar Zia, Manda, SaRaha, Simon Andersson, Rebecka Karlsson.


By 2016, Henric has written and produced songs such as Malta's contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest and SVT Sommarlov's "Supersommarhjälte". Henric has also worked on getting Sandra Nordström's songs ready for release and as producer for Jon Henrik Fjällgren's latest album.

2017 is the year in which WoodHouse Productions take their passion to it’s full potential by establish a new studio located in Häljarp outside Landskrona. There he will write and produce songs for, among others, Rebecka Karlsson, who is also a signed artist at Warner Music Sweden. The song Can't Stop is the first single to Rebecka, written on behalf of Warner Music Sweden.


Stay tuned to see where Henric's bet on his dreams takes him!


Sandra Nordström - Singer and songwriter

Sandra Nordström, raised in a musical family in Stockholm, began to sing, dance and go on stage at an early age. As early as eighty years old, she was dancing on established scenes such as the Stockholm Concert Hall. As Sandra's parents held many different conferences around the country, Sandra was given the opportunity to get stage experience, and at the age of ten she recorded her first demo. When Sandra was 16, she began recording demos for the now Los Angeles-based producer RedOne, who has written and produced songs for major world stars like Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. It was under his mentorship that she began to develop her studio experience and her ability to write songs.

When Sandra was 17, she moved to Los Angeles to work at The Dream Center. The Dream Center aims to help gang members, prostitutes, homeless people and other expelled people away from the street and give them the tools to create a better life.

19XX, the successful producer / songwriter Anders Bagge got the eyes of the then 19-year-old Sandra. It gave her the opportunity to travel around the world and write songs with different people in the music industry. She also recorded demos for major artists, including Celine Dion, who when she heard Sandra's voice exclaimed "Who is this girl?" Her voice is beautiful and so full of emotion! "

Sandra has worked with producers and songwriters such as RedOne, Anders Bagge, Max Martin, Andreas Carlsson, Walter Afanasieff, Michael Jay, Stress, Ishi, Arnthor Birgisson and many others.

Recently, Sandra has started her journey with her own music!


"I've always felt that it's within me to be able to create everything myself. I’ve had the feeling ever since I was little that I have to share my music with the whole world." Now is the time to do it! It has been a long journey since I started and it has been a bit up and down until now. My wish is to touch people's hearts with my music! "

2018-04-06 12.24.57.jpg

Emil Vaker - Producer and songwriter

I picked up my first Fender Stratocaster at 14 (when drumming became to lonely) and started producing on my dad’s Atari computer. Being a musician, songwriter and producer has always been the dream, and even though it has been a long journey since the teens, I always feel like a newbie and it’s still as much fun. I have worked with a lot of talented people through the years such as Jörgen Elofsson, Peter Wennerberg, Sharon Vaughn, Dennis Morgan, Tim McGraw, Anja Steinlechner, Göran Werner and more.


In 2017 I co-wrote for Austrias Eurovision entry which didn’t go all the way but it was a cool experience. Working closely with the artist Lollo Fält, we have reached the finals in two big competitions in Sweden, played a lot of gigs, and have released many songs together, and there is more to come.


My studio is located in Viken in the south of Sweden, this is where I spend most of my days when I’m not on the road playing guitar. I’m really grateful for Woodhouse belief in me, and I’m looking forward to working together in the coming years.



The force within Woodhouse Productions comes from our passionate and competent team. We are the people behind the name.

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