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It’s the year of 2012 and Henric Pierroff and Thomas Sassersson discover that they, by chance, once again tumbled into each other's lives. Previously it has been through joint workplaces, but now they have become neighbours in Häljarp. 2012 is the same year Thomas is involved in an accident that tragically entails a long term sick leave. Henric wants to cheer Thomas up and gives him a task that can be done even though he is being at home; "I've always wanted to meet Anders Bagge, can you make sure it happens?" 

Of course, it became reality!
That was the start of WoodHouse Productions!

Today, WoodHouse Productions is a limited company founded by above mentioned Thomas and Henric. Also in the team that is WoodHouse Productions are Sandra Nordström and Emil Vaker. More about each one of us can be read under the tab "Team"

Our vision has always been to create great music in an easy way. We call it "Simply Great Music" which is the motto of everything we do!

Henric, a producer and songwriter, has produced music for a big part of his life. He sees WoodHouse Productions as a way to create opportunities to live out his passion. "The passion in creation is nothing but a lifestyle. Everyone has it in large or small. It is important, as in our case, to take on a good idea and to wholeheartedly live his vision.”

Thomas, in charge of management and sales, also sees WoodHouse Productions as an opportunity to build dreams. Both their own as well as others. "Music should be fun. Our ambition is to create together with new as well as established artists. Whether from Sweden or beyond our borders. New talents and dreams are born all the time, and we would like to help these talents get the chance to reach their dreams. "

Together we take the team constantly forward and upwards. Successes as songwriters for Eurovision in Malta, SVT  “Sommarlovsmorgon” and Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Rebecka Karlsson have laid the foundation for a good future. During the autumn of 2017 WoodHouse Productions AB landed a collaboration between artist Simon Andersson and the Nordic region's largest booking company 2Entertain.That means that soon you can see Simon on a stage near you. We have also gotten Rebecka Karlsson signed for Warner, where we hope that all her dreams of success in the music industry can be realized! Another great thing that we landed in 2017 is that we partnered with US-based Elle B. Since 2010, Elle B has been touring Katy Perry while she has been doing solo projects on the side. For her newest venture as a soloartist, Elle B has chosen to start working with us at WoodHouse Productions, something we are really happy about!

In the late autumn of 2017 we finally moved into our new studio and are now 100% good to go!


New upcoming projects ar running and we have recently start working with a team i LA. Artist ALMA LAKE  flown over and we had a fantastic week recorded 2 new amazing tracks together with Sandra Nordström from Stockholm.

2019 we was competing in Melodifestivalen, Rebecka Karlsson is singing our song "Who I Am" written together with Anderz Wrethov.  We came to "Andra chansen" , thx to Rebecka K.

We are also starting doing writing camps together with other producers and songwriters 2019 to deliver to different labels.

Right now we are working on melodies for Melodifestivalen 2020, hoping to see you one more year!

Stay Tuned!

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